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Pete Hampton

Pete Hampton

Pete Hampton (Co-Owner and Lead Instructor at Wag’n Tails) is an accomplished Positive Training (Clicker Train) Dog Instructor. He is a Certified A.K.C. (American Kennel Club) C.G.C. (Canine Good Citizen) Evaluator with 17 years’ experience in handling dogs. Pete has been teaching the clicker training methods for about 11 years and in 2010 completed six months of training at the Karen Pryor Academy in Rockwood Texas and is a Certified Clicker Trainer (CCT).

Do you have problems making a connection with your dog? Would you like to be able to teach your dog to follow some basic commands such as sit, down, come or, stay? What about some of the more advanced behaviors such as turning the light switch on, retrieving items from undesired locations to you? Wag’n Tails offers a program that teaches you how to better communicate with your dog and establish a balance that best suits your household as well as teaching desired behaviors.

Wag’n Tails is strictly against using compulsive methods (Pinch Collar, Choke Chain,Shock Collar, or leash corrections) in teaching dogs new behaviors. We believe that it is better to allow your dog to think and learn on his own how to make the right choices that produce the desired behaviors. NOT offering a pain inflicting alternative to accomplish the desired behavior. Studies by applied behavior analysis scientist proves the clicker training method as endorsed by Karen Pryor produces happy well-adjusted dogs, minus the undesired behaviors associated with compulsive type training methods. This all positive reinforcement method gives the owners a way to intervene on behaviors and tell their dog yes this is accepted behavior in our human societies’ eyes.


Wag’n Tails offers an approach to Dog Training that is still new to this regional area. We invite you to come down on Wednesday Nights at 5:00 pm to participate in our FREE of Charge “Introduction Class”. Since this is an Intro class and we will be discussing what will be expected out of “YOU” the Owner. What the goal of the class will be and what the dog should be able to offer, a brief history of how clicker training evolved and what clicker training is and how it’s applied, we ask that you please leave your dog at home since this is the first class, we will not be working with the dogs. If you find that you might be interested in this class prior to coming we will require Proof of Vaccination records showing your dog is up to date with Bordetella, Distemper, and Rabies shots. We only ask this for the safety of your dog’s health as well as your fellow participants’ dogs. this Thank you! For considering Wag’n Tails!