Why Daycare?

Benefits to your pet
  • 1Activity

    Meet Pets Activity Needs by not being kenneled the whole day. Exercise is just as important for them as it is their human counter parts. Busy schedules sometimes limit the amount of time owners are able to meet thises needs.

  • 2Socialization

    Our pets need socialization just like we do. Whether it be with people or other pets the needs are strong for pets to interact and have a healthy relationship with two footed or four footed creatures. Especially important for younger dogs.

  • 3Relief from Anxiety

    Some pets suffer from separation anxiety and being left alone is their ultimate fear and can cause much stress and result destructive behavior. Giving them a sense of security can lead to a more confident and less destructive pet.

  • 4Owner Guilt Relief

    Lets face it, we dislike leaving our pets while we lead productive and busy lives. Knowing your pet is well taken care of on long work days or while you are a kid taxi is reason enough to provide day care for our best furry friends.

Ready to make a reservation?

Schedule Daycare

Don’t leave your dog at home while you work! At Wag’n Tail Retreat, we offer daycare to owners that are away at work. Daycare is a great way to socialize your dog with other dogs and people.

While at daycare, your dog will receive endless amounts of attention from our staff. Dogs spend time indoors inside our large playroom as well as time exercising outside in our large play-yard. Our playroom is air-conditioned/heated and has plenty of toys for your dog to play with.

The play-yard is a large area outside filled with dog-friendly play equipment. We also provide daycare to pets that only need to be watched for a few hours.

Your dog is sure to have fun at daycare. In fact, our clients tell us that their dogs have so much fun at daycare that they’re very tired by the time they get home!  So call today to set your dog up for daycare at Wag’n Tail Retreat!