We offer a selection of boarding rooms for your dog. Our Luxury rooms are private with a window and a television or raido to provide the comfort of a human voice. The Family room offers private accommodation as well, but allows more social pets to view their neighbor across the hall.

We also offer private playtime for dogs to play in our large play yard. In addition, we let dogs outside several times a day in secure enclosures to relieve themselves.

No. of Pets Rooms With Windows Non Window Room Private Play Time Cat Room
1 Dog $24.00/night $20.00/night $3.00/day $14.00/night
2 Dogs* $36.00/night $30.00/night $4.50/day $20.00/night
3 Dogs* $48.00/night $40.00/night $6.00/day $26.00/night

*2 or 3 three dogs in the same room pricing.

Does my pet need specific vaccinations to board?
Yes. Wag’n Tail Retreat requires Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella for dogs staying over night. Cats are required to have distemper and feline leukemia. If you are unsure if your pet has received these vaccinations, please check with your veterinarian. We cannot accept animals without up-to-date vaccinations. It is vital for owners to ensure their pet is properly vaccinated. Please bring documentation showing that proper vaccinations have been administered to your pet.
What items should I bring when I bring my dog for boarding?
At Wag’n Tail, we encourage our clients to bring whatever makes their pets comfortable. This includes blankets, beds, toys, food, food bowls, etc. With this in mind, please be aware that we can furnish blankets, cots, and food bowls at no additional charge. Food can be provided as well, but this is available at a daily rate.
My pet is on medication. Can I still board him/her?
Yes. Please bring the medication with you and let our staff know how often your pet takes medication as well as how much medication he or she requires. (please note: Additional cost my apply)
Can I tour Wag’n Tail Retreat before I schedule my pet for boarding?
Of course! Stop by our facility during business hours and our staff will happily take you on a tour of the premises.
Can I drop my pet off for boarding at Wag’n Tail Retreat anytime?
Wag’n Tail Retreat’s operating hours are: Mon.-Fri. 7:30AM-6:30PM Saturday 7:30am-12pm and 2pm-6pm Sunday: 8:30AM-10:30AM & 5PM-6PM If these hours will not work for you, please contact our office to see if another time can be arranged. Times are subject to change for holidays.